Fired August 26 CEO wins first leg of suspension case in High Court

• By Kaipaherue Kandjii

The fired chief executive officer of a company owned by the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) for unduly approving a loan to a businessman has succeeded in dragging his employer to the High Court to challenge his firing.

Salatiel Ntinda, a decorated soldier, lost his job after he and a former board chairperson and right-ranking soldier, major-general Petrus Nathinge, were booted out of the firm for allegedly awarding a loan worth N$2.5 million to a firm known as Penda Enterprises.

The little-known firm allegedly struck a deal with August 26 Logistics in the past to supply weapons, amongst other things, in its capacity, after which it repays the loan with 100 per cent interest, a claim the new Board of

The uproar forced the new cohort of directors to adopt a string of resolutions, which facilitated Ntinda’s firing. He is now challenging it in the High Court, saying the meeting and its subsequent decisions are illegal, null and void for lacking a quorum. Directors deny. 

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