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N aspiring filmmaker Willem Gaoaseb will be premiering his one-hour movie titled ‘Grieve’ in June; a film shot without funds.

Speaking to Confidente this week, Gaoaseb described the production phase as challenging as him and the crew members had to execute the project without any budget.

“Funding was the main challenge, and the fact that the actors are not doing a paid job, they are literally doing it out of passion, that was difficult to explain to the cast but we pulled through,” he said.

On how the idea of the movie came about, Gaoaseb said the concept was created with an effort to give his stunt skills exposure to the world.

“I wanted it to be something never done in Namibia cinema. It’s being filmed with very minimal equipment and if we had up to standard equipment, it would have been a cinematic banger, but I know that it will still be a hit once released because of the passion driven and talented team behind the camera,” he added.

The movie is about a cage fighter who falls in love but the relationship ends up not working out well for him.

He said the idea of producing a film was further fuelled by the drive to show the potential of the Namibian film industry portrayed through a cinematic world of drug lords ,cage fighters and police all trying to reach for their wants despite opposition.

Gaoaseb said the movie includes him as the main actor, and stars actors such as Anton Dollaz who is acting as the villain.

The movie further features Charlene Hanse playing as a police inspector and Carter Hartz as a manager and a board member of the cage fighter’s organisation.

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“There are many more people occupying the roles of board members and managers, and a lot of extras playing as guards for the drug lord.

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“We are not sure on when exactly it will be released but people should get ready for some dramatic, action filled picture.

Gaoaseb has to date worked on other short films such as Phone Fight and Hostage.