Fishcor board reveals CEO expectations

• By Hilary Mare

THE temporary board of directors of the National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) has laid down its expectations for newly appointed chief executive officer (CEO), Alex Gawanab.

Board chairperson, Mihe Gaomab II this week said that among a host of other things, they expect Gawanab to get approved, an Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP) as per PEGA Act.

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“Our expectations also include effective stakeholder engagement especially with the line ministry as strategic discourse going forward, institutional strengthening of Fishcor and its holdings and subsidiaries as well as operational efficiencies and effectiveness on delivery of its mandate,” he said adding that the new CEO would have to spearhead the rebranding of Fishcor’s image and reputation.

He went on to say that the board expects financial prudence and sustainability based on quotas and income generating activities from its holding and associated subsidiaries as well as resolving of legal complexities and legal diligence of its commercial and financial rights and obligations.

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“Indeed, we also expect care of employees during the Covid-19 pandemic and its variants with sound industrial relations and corporate social responsibility,” further stated Gaomab II.

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Gawanab who has over 25 years industrial working experience in mining (diamond and uranium), water utility industries, diamond manufacturing industry and copper smelting, late last year emerged the preferred candidate for the hot seat which was left vacant in 2019, when then CEO, Mike Nghipunya was thrown behind bars over the Fishrot saga in which Fishcor is alleged to have prejudiced the state in excess of N$75 million.

“We have put in place governance insight to deep dive on strategic execution of our role under the PEGA and Fishcor Act. The ministers of Public Enterprises and Fisheries expressed satisfaction to that regard.

“We have maintained sufficient provision of quotas to keep the operations of Fishcor. Towards that end, we have made sure that of 1 500 employees no one was retrenched. We appreciated the maintenance of sound industrial relations with our recognised trade unions for the care and wellbeing of our employees,” further stated Gaomab II extending that Fishcor has also met the standards of certification on ensuring its fisheries are ensured market access to Europe, Japan and neighbouring SADC states.

“We are faced with legal complexities and most are sub judice and the courts will pronounce themselves on them soon. We have exercised legal diligence and prudent engagement with stakeholders to ensure that what is due to Fishcor must be met legally and institutionally as per the enabling legislations.

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“We have also ensured uninterrupted flow and business continuity management and seamless transition from having a caretaker CEO to Officer in Charge and now a substantive CEO.

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We are proud of the achievement made for the benefit of the fisheries industry and the nation at large.

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Our temporary term ends 6 March and now we are confident to hand over the reins to the substantive board with corporate governance architecture and accountable and reporting mechanisms,” he said.