FNB ends July handicap sponsorship

FIRST National Bank (FNB) said that this year’s FNB July Handicap will be the last event the bank will sponsor after a seven-year relationship with horse racing.

The FNB July Handicap is hosted every year at the Okahatjipara Turf in Okondjatu in the Otjozondjupa Region. To date, the FNB has invested over N$1 5 million in horse racing, and once again this year, it has committed N$ 300,000 to the last event.

Through the FNB sponsorship, the FNB July Handicap has become one of the if not the most followed or loved horse racing events on the calendar, and it is no surprise that FNB continues with its sponsorship.

Last year, FNB gave N$260 000 in prize money, but this year, the bank has decided to increase the amount. This is expected to attract the country’s top jockeys, who will go head-to-head for top honours while riding on renowned horses such as Visigoth, Starlile, French Leave, Time Master, La Luvia, Able Surprise, Chief Helmet, Mboma, and Don Piero.

Horse racing might not be the number one followed code, however the sponsorship from FNB has helped the sport grow.

Speaking to Confidente this week, FNB manager for Sponsorship and Promotion, Gordon Pokolo has said that despite the relation between the two parties coming to an end, the two parties (FNB and the organisers of the FNB July Handicap) have enjoyed a good relation over the years.

“Yes, FNB Namibia has been a sponsor towards the July Handicap for the past seven years. While this is the last event for FNB will be sponsoring, this has been an exciting partnership and we would like to thank the event organisers for continuously delivering on its promises and showcasing world class races over the years. Also, we wish to further extend our sincere gratitude to all the spectators who attended in thousands and made the occasions a memorable event, your support will never go unnoticed, and we encourage them to continue supporting the sport of horse racing, in particular the July handicap,” said Pokolo.

He further stated that the contribution from FNB has helped grow the sport and thanked all the spectators and the jockeys for their commitment towards the development of the sport.

“The partnership total investment equates to well over N$1,5 million, but more importantly we are confident that the investment contributed towards the growth of horse racing. Part of the investment was procuring a state-of-the -art starting stall to ensure for fair competition on race day, which was well received by horse owners and more especially the excellent jockeys,” said Pokolo.