Foerster is still going strong in cricket at 43

• By Staff Reporter

DIDI Foerster only picked up cricket at age 35 but quickly made it into Namibia’s national side, nicknamed the Capricorn Eagles. Now 43, she’s been playing international cricket for eight years and has no plans to stop.

She has been an athlete since day one, having played numerous sports codes, such as inline hockey for Namibia at four World Championships; on top of that, she has also earned international honours in canoe polo and fistball, a German-origin sport like volleyball in which you hit the ball with your fist and it has to bounce.

Coming from Namibia’s Germanic community and having attended German schools, Foerster did not encounter much cricket; it was only when she chanced upon an international match at United Ground next to her work that she saw cricket for the first time when the Capricorn Eagles were playing Botswana some few years ago, that is when she got curious over the sport since then it was history.

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