Foot and mouth outbreak at Hoha

By Confidente Reporter

THE Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform has announced a foot and mouth disease outbreak in the FMD protection zone at Hoha Village situated in the Kavango East region.

Investigations by agricultural officials indicate that 13 cattle out of a population of 657 in the crush pen area of Hoha village tested positive for Food and Mouth Disease.

“Farmers reported cattle showing FMD clinical signs (limping and salivation) to officials of the directorate of Veterinary Service (DVS).
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Officials immediately instituted an outbreak investigation that included clinical inspection of cattle as well as collecting samples for laboratory analysis,” said the ministry’s Executive Director Percy Misika in a statement.

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“Control measures in line with the Animal Health Act, 1 of 2011 are put in place with immediate effect.

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Some of the measures the ministry has put in place to curb the outbreak include temporary movement restrictions or ban of all live cloven-hoofed animals within and out of FMD protection zone (all areas north of the Veterinary Cordon Fence/Red Line) with immediate effect until further notice; except  for Zambezi region and Mukwe constituency in Kavango East.

All animal gatherings such as auctions, permit days and cultural shows are also suspended except for the purposes of vaccination.

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“Slaughtering of cloven-hoofed animals is also hereby suspended. Movement restriction/ban of other potentially infectious commodities out of the FMD Protection zone such as hides, skins, game trophies, grass, plant materials, etc.

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, has also been imposed until further notice. All movement of animals across the Namibian/Angolan international borders are hereby suspended with immediate effect,” detailed the statement.
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The ministry further added that several roadblocks will be set up at strategic points, and members of the public are urged to fully cooperate with the veterinary and police officials.