Footsteps for Africa donates #BeFree Youth Campus Library

By Martha Nangombe

In a significant moment for community empowerment and education in Namibia, the Footsteps for Africa initiative officially handed over donations to the One Economy Foundation’s outdoor library at the #BeFree Youth Campus in Katutura.

Nust media lecturer Jordaania Andima is the country representative for the initiative founded by Austin Cameron.

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Footsteps for Africa is an international initiative that empowers marginalised communities by building educational facilities, digging water wells to create reliable sources of clean water and establishing sustainable food programs.

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The handover event marked a collaborative effort between the Footsteps for Africa initiative and the One Economy Foundation, highlighting a shared commitment to fostering educational opportunities and community development in Namibia.

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The outdoor library at the #BeFree Youth Campus in Katutura is a vital resource for local youth, providing a space for learning, growth, and community engagement.

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Cameron emphasised the importance of partnering with organisations that share the same goal and expressed his dedication to promoting education and sustainable development in the region.

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  “I wanted to make a greater impact, and I knew that I wasn’t going to happen without partners with the same mission; that is what inspired the partnership with the One Economy Foundation,” he said.

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