Forex trader granted bail

• By Tracy Tafirenyika

FOREX trader Brownson Lukas’s assault case gathered close to 50 people at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court and among them were business people, social media influencers as well as prominent people who attended to witness the case this week.

Lukas was arrested recently for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend with intent to do grievously harm. He is being charged with assault.

The case however took a bizarre turn when State prosecutor Phelem Like argued that there was not enough evidence against accused Lukas as provided by the complainant -who is not being named because the charge against him involves domestic violence- to support her case.

According to the victim’s medical report presented before court there were no injuries, no open wounds, no blue eye but the report noted there was ‘tenderness’.

“There is nothing before the court to support this part of evidence except the tenderness that is in the medical report,” Like stated.

Lukas is denying the charge stating that it was instead a way of Uutoni getting revenge on an alleged video that was circulating on social media where Lukas was seen dancing with TV presenter and digital content creator Pukuu Rijatua.

“The story of her being assaulted is a lie. She is the one that came to my property and caused violence. I never assaulted her or even touched her. We all know that she is taking revenge on me because of the video that is circulating on social media that ruined her reputation.

”She is the one that has been busy taking my phone and texting many girls in my phone to warn them to stay away from me.

“We all know that she is using her father’s powers to take revenge on me which is very unfair. l never hit her nor beat her with anything. Even everyone who was at The Catch knows about the story. She came there and slapped me in the face after the dancing video; now she is busy lying to everyone that she was beaten.”

On the other hand, the complainant argued that this was the second time she had opened a case of assault against her forex trader boyfriend.

“This is not the first time l have opened a case against the suspect, the first is when we were still in South Africa but l ended up withdrawing the case because we love each other very much. Lukas has been so abusive, jealous and possessive in the relationship and made threats,” she stated.

Lukas was on Wednesday granted bail of N$15 000 and was told to stay away from the complainant as one of the bail conditions.

He is expected to be back in court on May 19.