Fortescue hosts green hydrogen Training for journalists

Fortescue organized a half-day media training workshop at Droombos to equip journalists with the skills necessary to report effectively.

The workshop featured notable speakers, including Fortescue’s Chief Climate Scientist, Shanta Barley. Barley emphasized green hydrogen’s critical role in mitigating climate change and advancing clean energy initiatives.

Highlighting the record-breaking heat of 2023 and the ongoing reliance on fossil fuels, she underscored the urgency of transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Green hydrogen, produced via renewable energy-powered electrolysis, was presented as a viable and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels.

Barley’s presentation shed light on Namibia’s potential to become a global leader in green hydrogen production, thanks to its abundant renewable resources and favourable geographic conditions. She outlined the environmental and economic benefits of developing green hydrogen infrastructure in Namibia, such as significant CO2 emissions reductions, economic growth, job creation, and enhanced energy security.

Despite challenges like advancements in electrolysis technology, storage, and the need for supportive policy frameworks, Barley expressed optimism about the future. By 2050, the demand for green hydrogen will surge, positioning it as a crucial component of global energy systems. “Namibia is one of a handful of countries with the ability to accelerate global decarbonization while generating immense domestic economic benefits,” she noted.

The workshop also featured Nyasha Francis Nyaungwa, a seasoned journalist with over two decades of experience. As the Namibian correspondent for Reuters and The Africa Report, Nyaungwa brought a wealth of knowledge to the event. He provided valuable insights into green hydrogen reporting, encouraging journalists to refine their reporting standards and key messaging strategies to benefit readers and communities.

Chris Movirongo, Fortescue Energy’s country manager, introduced the event with a detailed demonstration of green hydrogen. His presentation enriched the attendees’ understanding of Fortescue’s initiatives and the significance of training journalists on this pivotal subject.

One of the attendees, Veronica Amaral from The Confidente newspaper, shared her experience, noting her limited prior knowledge of green hydrogen. She said the training greatly enhanced her understanding of its importance in the environment and its role in Namibia’s energy sector. “I’ve learned about the environmental significance and the crucial role of the energy sector concerning green hydrogen for Namibia,” she stated. Fortescue remains dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the community, driving positive change, and promoting sustainable development  through responsible journalism. This training workshop marks a significant step towards improving media coverage on green hydrogen and its transformative potential for Namibia and the world.