Four day working week can accelerate growth: PSUN

BY Erasmus Shalihaxwe

PUBLIC Service Union of Namibia (PSUN) Deputy Secretary, General Ujama Kaahangoro says the proposed four day working week can help increase productivity which can lead to accelerated economic growth if it is well executed in Namibia

Kaahangoro made these remarks in a recently interview with Confidente in which he shared the union’s views on the proposed four days working week which has already been adopted in some countries around the world.

While the system has already been implemented in some countries, a number of South African companies are reportedly planning to test the system early this year in a bid to improve productivity and wellness in the work place.
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Even though Kaahangoro is in support of the proposal, he however  said the concept does also come with disadvantages that might not work for some companies.

“The proposal is good as it propels a new way of thinking and approach to productivity and performance. It will improve employee morale and positive organisational climates, as it reduces employee burnout, stress and fatigue.

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It will improve family cohesion and lead to healthier societies as employees will have more time to spend with their families. The system, if well executed will increase productivity leading to accelerated economic growth,” Kaahangoro said.

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He added that Namibian companies would be in favour of the proposal as long as it was clearly explained to them stating that results of previous attempts in other countries needed to be shared for companies to fully buy into the idea.
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“The agricultural sector is set to benefit the most as part time farmers will have more time to spend at their farms. It will also lead to increases in the informal sector leading to increase in job creation and business spending on overheads will reduce as employees spend less time on site, thus companies can cut spending on supplies and utilities. It also has the potential of boosting domestic travel and tourism, decrease energy consumption with its attendance positive spin offs,” Kaahangoro explained.