From Ongonyo to Runaway Child

By Rosalia David

YESONIA released a brand new single titled ‘Runaway Child’ recently, which she says is inspired by the books of Deuteronomy and Job. In an interview with Confidente this week, Yesonia explained the lyrical content of the song, saying it’s about a man having a conversation with God, in which God expresses his love for his children.

“’Runaway Child’ is a song close to my heart mainly because of what it stands for. Basically the song is about a man and God conversing and the hook is about God expressing his love for his children, while verse one and two is a man asking questions, as we do every day about our day-to-day issues, such as the pandemic we are currently faced with. In verse three our loving Father reminds us of who he is and his promises to us,” she said.

The songster, who generally identifies as an Afro-pop singer, said her new track was received well and she was content with the reception so far. She is not limited to one genre though and mentioned that she is in fact a jack of all trades who is open to explore other genres.

‘Runaway Child’ was produced by Jowdy from the House Guru Gang (Trio) and Eddy from Roqchild Studios. “The beat is a Riddim but the vocals were recorded by Jowdy and Eddy at Roqchild Studios and I would say people love the song, I didn’t expect such a response, I mean here we are talking about it.”

Although her music career kicked off in 2019 after the release of her debut single ‘Muscle Up’ she also owns and runs two bedding shops in Windhoek. Beside her two shops, she said she has other business interests that she cannot mention currently.

“Those are amongst other companies I solemnly own but hardly make mention as they do not need direct marketing but by myself on social platforms.

Going back to music, I have an amazing management team at Roqchild Music and with that in place it makes it easy to balance, but to be honest my little girl is my number one fan and my team player, [this] is what puts everything in place,” Yesonia said.

She admits that balancing the demands of being an entrepreneur, musician and mother can be a challenge but her hunger to achieve what she has set out to do keeps her going and therefore she has had to learn how to maneuver to meet her main responsibilities.

“What I really still find challenging is to balance my wardrobe with being a businesswoman and an artist,” she laughed. “I ask myself, ‘do I dress like an artist?’ but then again I’m unexpectedly called to attend corporate affairs and wonder ‘how I can rock up there looking like Cardi B, who will take me serious?’ And how do my fans [see] me as an artist if I look professional all the time? That is literally a daily challenge. I love both my industries and will never be forced to choose,” she said confidently.