From thief to a man of God

‘… Heavenly Manna helped me turn my life around’

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is just some days away but, not everyone will be Merry. There are orphans out there, the visually impaired, invalids, the disabled, destitute, the elderly and of course, the bereaved.

This cluster is by no means planning or thinking of the Merry Christmas day.

They just cannot afford it and the only best way is to ignore planning for it and take it as any other sorrowful day in their lives.

On the other hand, the abled are already spending on groceries, wine, snacks, clothes, perfume, drinks and fuel for the day.

It will only take those with hearts and souls of philanthropy, to heed the call to assist the less privileged and Heavenly Manna for Children in Africa did just that when they organised a Christmas event in the Havana Informal settlement in Windhoek where 2000 children received an early Christmas which was supported by close to 1000 adults.

The celebration included amongst other things praise and worship items, gift handovers.

In an interview with Confidente on the sidelines of the Christmas party, David Angel Alugodhi an usher at Heavenly Manna (18) described his life as being miserable and tormented before Heavenly Manna came to his aid.

“I was part of a theft gang and I used to be in so much trouble with the police and the people. However, after I received Jesus Christ, my life was transformed, I went from being a thief to a man of God.  I used to grab people’s cell phones and stab them,” he said.

Alugodhi said all this was made possible by the word of God and Heavenly Manna ministry.

“The best part of the Christmas party was when I shared the word of God to his people and the food service was just extraordinarily perfect. It was a very good Christmas experience,” he said.

Speaking to Confidénte, Social Worker and Pastor, Else Chen said this year’s Christmas celebration turned out to be shocking as many people heed their call for help.

“We normally have about 300 to 400 people and this year we budgeted for 600 to 700 people however upon arriving at the venue, I was shocked to find 3000 people at the church among these were about 2000 children and 1000 adults.”

She equated this year’s Christmas celebration to the famous biblical story of the 5 fish and 2 loaves.