From top keeper to outfield player: Christiaan

By Michael Uugwanga

A product of Swallows Football Academy in the Khomas Second Division, Brandon Christiaan started his football career as a goalkeeper but when he left for Germany a few years ago he was not aware that he was going to play in unfamiliar positions.

Christiaan is currently on the books of German sixth tier club DJK Donaueshingen.

Christiaan plays in three different positions, right back, and right wing and as a striker and is already enjoying his new roles, although during his time as a keeper at Swallows he was already seen as a future Brave Warriors goalie.

Christiaan started his primary education in Katutura at A.I. Steenkamp then transferred to Auas Primary School, before completing his secondary education at Khomastura Secondary School in Khomasdal.

The 25-year-old better known as Beau by his followers was spotted by DJK Donaueschingen playing as a keeper for another German lower division club SVG07.

“I went through an organisation called ASC (weltwärts) as a volunteer for one year in 2016-17 and played for a soccer team/club called SVG07 which is located in Göttingen. I started my career at Swallows Football Academy as a goalkeeper and I am still famous in Katutura because I was a dangerous keeper between the sticks, but when I got here in Germany the coach said that I have raw speed that cannot be hidden in the goal post as a goalkeeper, that is why he decided to make  me an outfield player,” said Christiaan.

Although his team failed to get promotion to the fifth division next season, Christiaan has managed to score eight goals and is now hoping to fire his team to glory next season.

Besides playing football, Christiaan is studying fitness economics and stays at Baden-Württemberg University campus.

“Last season I managed to play 15 games and scored eight goals plus seven assists. I am a team player and I always want to find the right solution for the team to win. I have integrated well and I have made good friends here who have been supportive and made me feel at home, but sometimes I miss my family and of course kapana at  Single Quarters,” he said.

It is every footballer’s dream to play for their country and Christiaan has made no secret about representing the Brave Warriors but that all depends on his progress in Germany.

A big fan of German giants Borussia Dortmund Football Club in the Bundesliga, Christiaan’s dream is also to play in front of a big crowd something he has not experienced with his current club.

“Of course it would be a great honour. I mean every kid kicking a ball around the dusty streets of Katutura dreams of running onto the pitch representing his country. Playing for the Brave Warriors will be a milestone in my career and life, but that means of course hard work and determination.

“I am madly in love with Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The energy you feel when you enter that stadium is just hands down electrifying,” said Christiaan.