Fullforce to release first video


BUDDING musician Jona Fullforce will be releasing his first music video titled ‘Previous normal’ featuring award winning rapper KP Illest this coming weekend.

In an interview with Confidente, Fullforce expressed enthusiasm on his upcoming visuals saying that finally he will be putting a face to his music.

“It has been long coming. This is my first music video ever since I have started doing music. It wasn’t easy. There are a few people who know my music but don’t know what I look like. Music videos are also expensive and to finally have one after years of struggling, it’s an amazing feeling,” he said.

Fullforce said saving funds to pay for a videographer was one of the biggest challenges he faced, but he pushed harder until he managed to get a good deal from Olavi Nyau to shoot it.

Apart from the music video, the artist will also be releasing his second album where he featured renowned musicians such as KP Illest, Page from Ethnix and Top Cheri.

On the album, he worked with award winning producers Araffath, Sam E Lee Jones and Jowdy from the House guru gang.

Asked on how the journey was working with producers of that magnitude, Fullforce said he learnt a lot from them.

“Throughout the recording process of the album, I had to learn how to be patient because one needs to have that element when you are an upcoming artist,” he said.

The education and finance graduate further mentioned that music has kept him busy pulling him away from falling into depression.

“It is not easy when you are trying to get a job after completing your studies and that opportunity is just not coming, so most of the time, I would go to studio and rather record a few songs and before I knew it, the album was completed,” he added.

Asked on how the teaser of the video has been received so far, Fullforce said, he can’t wait for the final product to be out as he has received good feedback.

The teaser was released on Monday.