Fully vaccinated people remain low

• By Michael Uugwanga

AS of February 13, the coverage of fully vaccinated population remains low at 20.6 percent of the country’s target population, whereas the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended population required to achieve national herd immunity is 60 percent.

This was said by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba at State House this week, during the 40th Covid-19 public health briefing.

Mbumba also said that the country continues to record a low number of Covid-19 cases, however the public is urged to continue to adhere to Covid-19 health and safety regulations at all times.

At the briefing it was also announced that public gatherings have been adjusted from 200 to 500 people as of February 15.

“The country is now in the latent stage of the fourth wave as cases have declined. We are recording a low positivity rate across the country. It is a source of encouragement that the situation has been manageable in the past three weeks.
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“The government continues to observe, with concern, the public apprehension and hesitancy on the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. In this regard, I offer assurance to members of the public, that the Namibian government will not do anything to compromise the health of our people.

“The Covid-19 vaccines are an effective measure to mitigate severe illness and death from infection and I urge all eligible members of the public to go and get vaccinated, or get their booster shots as a means of bolstering their immunities,” said Mbumba.

The VP is urging religious leaders to set an example by getting vaccinated, in order for their fellowship to also come forth for vaccination.

He also noted that only through collective effort, vigilance and discipline will the country be able to overcome the fourth wave.

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“Special commendation goes to our traditional and spiritual leaders, business personalities, academics, trade unions and youth organisations for encouraging their members and all our people to get vaccinated.

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“It is only through unity of purpose and action, focus and determination that we will collectively defeat this pandemic, to rebuild our economy and our lives.
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“The responsibility remains upon every citizen to maintain hand hygiene by washing and sanitising. I once again appeal to all eligible Namibians to receive their vaccination and/or booster shots.

These are the most secure preventative measures against the spread, severe illness, hospitalisation and death from Covid-19.”

Mbumba has therefore encouraged the general public to continue wearing masks in public.

“Wear a face mask in public and maintain appropriate social and physical distancing. I commend the Namibian people, who continue to comply with the public health regulations,” he said.

The next public health briefing is scheduled for March 14.