Fun performances at knocking out homelessness

By Rosalia David

THE second edition of the MTC Knock out Project aimed at addressing homelessness in the country was a blast with 30 personalities going all out while ‘shaking what their mama gave them’ in a bid to fight poverty.

The show which took place at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) this past weekend kicked off with a group act by the performers jointly singing a song titled ‘Helping hands’ – a song written by Dion of PDK.

The group executed the song perfectly well, giving a strong message of humanity.

With some of the personalities being their first time to step on a stage, especially to perform with a live band, it was indeed a show for the books.

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The most outstanding performance was from Mavis Braga who sang Danisa by TopCheri followed by socialite Maria Nepembe who was spitting a few bars on rapper KP Illest’s ‘Okay, Okay’ song.

Another highlight of the night was watching MC and radio personality Che Ulenga break a leg on stage performing the hit track Boss Madam, and almost confused the viewers as to whether it was Sally Boss Madam herself singing.

She executed every step of the choreography with energy and even showed off her twerk game.

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TV personality Robyn Nakaambo also set the stage on fire performing as rapper Lioness dressed in a sexy all gold outfit.

While many just performed and modelled on the stage, Dr Esperance Luvindao shared a few encouraging words saying, “I said it today and I will say it again, there have been numerous comments saying we will not end homelessness in one night.

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That is not what we are trying to do; the aim is to start somewhere – start the conversation; start the difference.

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Make the difference in our little way – and in so doing, encourage others to continue the conversation way beyond 3 October 2020.”

She went on to say that as a healthworker, homelessness and health are directly intertwined giving an example that they cannot tell a diabetic patient to adhere to their treatment if they do not have a fridge to store the insulin.

In all essence, it was a good show to watch.