!Gaoseb back with a bang

By Rosalia David

AFTER taking a break from music for six years, gospel musician Jackey !Gaoseb has finally decided to release his second album titled Daoba //hui re which he described as a token that will indicate that he is back in the game.
The album will be available on shelves this week.
Speaking at his listening session held in Windhoek last week !

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Gaoseb described the process of producing the latest album as cumbersome as he could not make up his mind on who to feature on the album.
“It was very difficult for me to choose because I had to identify someone who sings beautifully from choirs and church but not known to everyone and they are all so talented, I couldn’t decide,” he added.
Asked on why he took six years to get back onto the music scene!

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Gaoseb said during that time music was no a longer a priority as he focused on his other career as a radio disc jockey.

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He however was pressured by the public to release another album as they had missed listening to his music.

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“With the request from the public I managed to record my second album,” he explained.

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After contemplating on the type of songs and who to include on the album, !Gaoseb added that he ultimately made a choice and chose the top 10 females who he has featured on several tracks on the album.

“Combining different women and bringing them together was such a unique experience.

They all brought a different taste and feel to the album, which is amazing.
“They are all from different backgrounds and each lady has given their best with their beautiful voices. The public is so eager to hear it, they can’t wait for the official release date so they finally get their copy,” he added.
The album was produced by Rodney Jagger, the founder of Dantago Music Productions.
!Gaoseb went on to express gratitude towards the producer’s work saying that he had done a great job putting the entire album together.
“I am so proud of his work, as I was saying before it was not easy for the ladies to record but the producer made us all feel at home and he made the environment so welcoming.”
Asked on some of the challenges he faces as a gospel musician, !Gaoseb said lack of unity and limited opportunities for gospel artists to explore themselves remain huge obstacles.