Gazza breaks into takeover Trace Africa

By Rosalia David

MULTI-award winning artist Gazza breached another barrier to become the first Namibian to feature on the Trace Africa Takeover show. His songs, such as ‘Moses’ have also been topping continental charts, like African Hits Countdown, which features the hottest and most trendy clips on Trace Africa.

In an interview with Confidente, Gazza expressed gratitude to the producers of the show: “I feel like my hard work over the years is finally being recognized and a platform like that, I felt like it would belong to bigger African artists, never mind a Namibian because in my view our industry is still growing, although it has a lot of potential.”

As to what has kept him going over the years, he said whatever he does musically or otherwise he has the nation on his mind and at heart.

“Patriotism. I strongly believe that Namibia is a gem yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. We have to restore, protect and manage what we have as a country.
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Our vast savannah land, our wildlife, talents, gifts and natural resources, such as fish, diamonds, copper and many more resources that define the wealth of Namibia, to start spinning off [benefits] for its people and regain the confidence we greatly deserve in order to be competitive in a global environment,” he said.

Although he is the first Namibian to be featured on Trace Africa Takeover, Gazza said there is still much to be done as his music has not reached audiences all over Africa due to the lack of resources and support to promote and push local music abroad. “We are currently doing it individually as artists, in this current form with no engine or structure, only a hit song can push it further,” he said.

Even though he has taken another big step into the international market and is regarded by some as a legend back home, he describes himself as someone who has not yet achieved what he wants to for his country.

“I don’t see myself as a legend because I have not yet achieved half of the things I want to accomplish for my country and its people, and therefore when I have reached my ultimate goal upcoming artists can learn a thing or two from my autobiography,” he stated.

Asked about what new projects he’s working on, Gazza mentioned that the GMP record label will be releasing DJ Shoza’s album on 6 June, followed by his ‘Messiah’ album. “After that, Teqla and Jeiyo will follow suit, but for now Brandewyn single is next.
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Having recently also hosted a live streaming concert, he described the show as overwhelming, saying that it was well received. “We compared our statistics to the current livestream events that have been happening and most of them did not reach a quarter of our viewers.

So, basically our live show is the most viewed in the country at the moment.”

Gazza signed off saying there is more in the pipeline for music lovers as he prepares to present a second smash hit show with Windhoek Draught as headline sponsor on 23 May and invites other companies to advertise on his upcoming show “During the time of Covid-19 there is a huge need for everyone, including musicians, to really think out of the box.”