Gazza pulls of biggest concert of his career

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

SATURDAY was a treat for many Namibians as Gazza’s Milli Concert exceeded all expectations. Mikel-Jes did a phenomenal job putting the stage together, with the letters GMP lighting up the Katutura skies. The lights, the vibe, the food, NBC’s cameras, as well as stage antics by drunk concert goers made Gazza’s concert truly a night to remember.

Reports by locals had it that the concert could be heard as far as Khomasdal, which is approximately 5-7km from the Sam Nujoma Stadium. In hindsight, Gazza knows how to throw a party, a big one. In fact, this was the biggest concert of his career that spans close to two decades.

“You guys look so beautiful,” Gazza told the crowd half way through his flawlessly rehearsed one-hour performance.

Before Gazza took to the stage, other artists who headlined the show gave electrifying performances. Award-winning South African rapper Emtee had the crowd singing along to most of his hits. “Namibia is one of the African countries that I receive the most love from, Thank you all,” Emtee said to a capacity crowd. Other performers included King Tee Dee, Lioness, Professor, KP Illest Nga-I, Sunny boy and B-red, who is Davido’s cousin from Nigeria.

The highlight of the night was definitely when Gazza called his brother from another mother, King Tee Dee up on stage and performed their nostalgic feature together. King Tee Dee then told the crowd through a heartfelt message that he was proud of Gazza and embraced him with a hug that started to trend on Twitter as the ‘Come to Jesus’ hug.

One Twitter user wrote: “That @thedoggmshasho and @Gazza467_ hug had me emotional I won’t lie. #GazzaMilliConcert,” another one read, “I’ve come to realize that a lot of people don’t understand that the hug in the 4th frame is way more than just a hug. From Dogg’s scare, to the gang fights, the SANLAM awards, the diss tracks, the beef, it’s like Russia hugging USA #GazzaMilliConcert.”

Not many criminal activities were reported at the venue as members of the City Police, the Namibian Police and Special Field Force members were on high alert.