Gazza, TTA court battle rages on

• By Martha Nangombe

THE legal suit instituted against the prominent musician Lazarus Shiimi, popularly known as Gazza, by a consulting firm, Trinity Transaction Advisory (TTA), has been postponed to September 12.

The legal actions were instituted in 2021 when TTA accused Gazza of breaching a commercial contract they signed with him for ambassadorial deals with specific institutions, where TTA was to provide consulting legal advisory services to the musician for 12 months.

TTA argued that in total, it had secured a deal worth over N$ 2.5 million on behalf of Gazza, to which TTA was entitled to 20 per cent of the deal for commission fees amounting to N$ 580 041, which the consulting company says it was entitled to receive after securing a deal of N$2 561 050 for Gazza with Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

According to court documents, TTA points out that it only received consulting fees of N$180 250.

According to TTA, Shiimi concluded a brand ambassador agreement to the value of N$1,440,000 with Namibian Breweries as well as an agreement with KFC to the value of N$250,000 and all these agreements were concluded and implemented as a result of the consultancy services provided by the firm.

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