Geingob is no SAM NUJOMA-Melbar

By Vitalio Angula

SWEDISH based historian and political analyst, Henning Melber says although President Hage Geingob seldom listens to the advice of arm-chair critics and political commentators, he should emulate the ‘Pohamba Model’ from which he also benefited and prepare for Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah’s ascension to the Presidency by backing congress’ decision.

“I would say that Geingob should follow the ‘Pohamba model’ of which he himself was a beneficiary and prepare for Nandi-Ndaitwah’s ascendence to the Presidency by backing up congress’ decision. I have been following the political development in Namibia and if Swapo does not unite they will pay the price at the elections, but you know politicians they say one thing and do the other,” Melber added.

The Swedish based historian is of the view that Geingob should retire as party President and make way for Ndaitwah.
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He said this would consolidate her power within the party and ensure a smooth transition.

“I find it difficult to read Geingob’s mind and strategy, unlike his two predecessors who were more upfront and open, Geingob is a smooth operator which doesn’t necessarily mean that he is the best operator,” Melber added.

Pohamba retired the Swapo Presidency in 2015, paving the way for Geingob to act as President of the party until the Swapo Party Congress in 2017 when Geingob became president of the party solidifying his position as party and state president in accordance with the “One Centre of Power” he often champions.

On Wednesday, the Swapo Party elected its twenty-six-member politburo. The politburo is a steering committee of the central committee (CC).

According to the Swapo party constitution, the politburo is made up of 21 members in addition the President, Vice- President (VP), Secretary-General (SG) and Deputy Secretary General (DSG).

Two additional members are nominated by the president.
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On Wednesday’s election of politburo  members political pundit Ndumbah Kamwanyah opined that the politburo is dominated by Ndaitwah supporters.