Geingob wants inclusive Russia-Africa partnership

By Hilary Mare

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has said that as the partnership between Russia and Africa is being cemented, this partnership should preserve and guarantee the key principles of inclusivity and equality of all Member States to enable inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

Speaking at the first Russia-Africa summit held in Sochi, Russia, last week, Geingob further stated Africa believe that the success of this partnership also hinges on the establishing a formalized agreement with the African Union Commission and robust mechanism to review our collective commitments and implementation.

“This epoch-making moment; the inaugural Russia-Africa Summit, is the moment where our enduring friendship should drive us towards an era defined by multilateralism and an era in which international solidarity will open the gateway towards global peace, global unity and the realization of shared prosperity, for all the world’s people,” Geingob said.

Geingob went on to say that Africa is undergoing a period of rapid transformation, where it is in pursuit of achieving “An Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena” with a new focus in order to drive Africa’s development and economic growth.

“Underpinning this vision is Agenda 2063, a “manifestation of the pan-African drive for unity, self-determination, freedom, progress and collective prosperity pursued under Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance”.

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The launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as one of the key priorities of Africa ´s Agenda 2063 and a flagship project for the continent highlights one of the most recent significant continental achievements.

The AfCFTA promises to unlock Africa’s economic potential and bolster regional and continental economic integration and trade. Therefore, we invite our Russian friends to join us as we seek to leverage the opportunities presented by the AFCFTA,” added Geingob.

Geingob concluded: “Our world is at a crossroads.

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The forces of nationalism are growing; promoting unilateralism through protectionism and placing multilateralism under threat. If this trend is not countered, we could slide into an era of unipolarism.

This will not be beneficial for anyone, in the long run.

Our world needs multilateralism and countervailing forces to keep each other in check.”