German embassy donates to Suiderhof centre

The Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy in Windhoek, Ellen Gölz, recently inaugurated a newly equipped therapy room for impaired children at the Suiderhof center “Child Intervention and Disability Support Centers” (C.

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I.D.S. Center) in Windhoek. The therapy room was fitted with special equipment and a soft floor covering.

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The children use the room on a daily basis. Through therapeutic exercises they develop their muscles and enhance their agility.

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The soft flooring reduces the risk of injury.

In addition, an interactive smartboard was procured.

This helps children with limited fine motor skills to learn. Students with cerebral palsy or dyslexics especially benefit from it.

The center received financial support of about N$ 115,188.50 from the micro-projects fund of the German Embassy in Windhoek last year.