Germany’s treatment of the holocaust and genocide

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

Since 1952, the German government has disbursed over US$90b in compensation to Jews who suffered losses due to persecution by the Nazis.

In 2023, Germany agreed to pay US.

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4b in compensation to over 200,000 survivors across 83 countries. More than US0m in grants will be allocated to over 300 global social service agencies that provide Holocaust survivors with home care, food, and medicine.

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Between 2018 and 2022, Israel imported US.

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7b in arms, with the US and Germany as the sole contributors. The US played a key role, contributing US$2.1b, while Germany provided US$546m to Israel’s military capabilities.

Yet Germany offered Namibia €1.1b (N$18.6b) over 30 years for projects fostering reconciliation and reconstruction.  The National Planning Commission’s 2023 statement on German-Namibia development cooperation disclosed that Namibia had received about €1.5b (roughly N$29.2b) in official development assistance from Germany until 2021. The statement paved the way for further bilateral negotiations in June 2023 in Germany.

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