Get ready for Miss Zambezi 2019

By Rosalia David

A group of young Namibians from the Zambezi region will be hosting the second edition of the Miss Zambezi contest this on 13 December at Katima Mulilo’s UNAM campus.

Speaking to the founder of the initiative, Given Chilinda, the driven and passionate musician gave us a glimpse of what Miss Zambezi is all about and what fashion lovers can expect. “The models are going all out for the event, so fashion lovers should come and witness a night of great music and a group of beautiful African models doing what they do best on the runway.”

He added that the Miss Zambezi contest is devoted to promoting and inspiring models from the region as there are a lot of aspiring models who hope to become successful one day.

“There are really a lot of young girls out there who simply just wish to become models but are not given the platforms as most platforms are centralised. Everything is hosted in the city. So, why not create something of our own here and get sponsors?”

The project which he self-funded will be giving an opportunity to seven slender ladies that will compete for a cash price, which could not be revealed yet as the expected sponsors still need to confirm. “We are still not sure on what the prize is going to be because we are still waiting for responses from the sponsors, once they have confirmed we will be able to know what they are getting,” he noted.

His aim is to continue hosting the event annually but financial constraints limit his ability, Chilinda said. “This is the second Miss Zambezi and the main aim is to make this an annual event, hopefully with the support of the region too because the challenges we experienced throughout this journey is getting the necessary sponsors. The fact that it is still a self-funded project is a bit of a setback for us.”

Apart from the models on the runway, Chilinda said Zambezi-based artists, such as Kwaito Lager, Dj Vuyo, Short Killa, Belle Markaso and many more will also grace the stage and give the crowd a night to remember.