Go-Karting and Spinning at Helao Nafidi

• By Michael Uugwanga

GO-KARTING and Drag Racing will soon become one of the leading sport codes in the country, following a decision by the Namibia Sport Federation (NSF) to take the two sport codes to the town of Helao Nafidi this Saturday.

The event will be held at the Helao Nafidi Exhibition venue in Ohangwena Region.

This was said by Bradley Ferreira, Motoring Commission (Racing) Chairperson for the NMSF.

NMF is the regulator and administrator of motorsport in Namibia and it is affiliated to the world governing motorsport bodies for motorcars and motorcycles as well as the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).
“Go-Karting is a grassroots motorsport code that builds skill and character from a very young age. Not only that, but it assists with building confidence in youngsters and teaches them the basics of driving and safety from a very young age. The sport has groomed many international sports personalities and champions like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (Formula One drivers). In Namibia, it is practiced on national level with around 40 competitors.
“Spinning is and has always been an exhilaration form of entertainment worldwide. However, only in Namibia, is spinning a regulated sport code under the umbrella of the NMSF. In addition to the first ever spinning national championship taking place this year after which a national champion will be crowned. The motorsport exhibition is mainly sponsored through a contribution by the Helao Nafidi Council together with the NMSF,” Ferreira told Confidente.
The spinning segment of the expo will involve two spinners, both from the opposite ends of the age spectrum and will see one of the country’s top leading spinning clubs, Team Kyle and Team Toppie going head to head to top honours.

“From what we here there is much anticipation for this event as this is the first time any form of motorsport will be hosted in the town. An introduction, these events will only be exhibition events and from the karting side and opportunity to introduce grassroots motorsports to the northern regions of Namibia. Karting falls under racing codes and Spinning falls under non-racing codes.
Benson Kalla, Motoring Commission (Non-Racing) Chairperson for the NMSF will also be at the event.