Goats stolen meat from Angola sold in Nam


FARMERS in the Cunene region of southern Angola have asked Namibian authorities, notably in Ohangwena, to scrutinise and investigate every Angolan street seller selling raw goat meat.

According to the farmers, most of the meat sold by Angolan citizens in Namibia is from stolen goats.

A big group of farmers convened on February 19 in Santa Clara on the Angolan side of the border to discuss the issue of stolen goats.  According to the farmers, multiple gangs of thieves steal goats from Angola, butcher them, and sell the meat cheaply in Namibia, primarily to kapana merchants.

“We have a problem with the goat meat sold in Oshikango and the neighbouring areas. This meat came from stolen goats. Our children stole and butchered goats. They cross the border and sell the meat for peanuts in Namibia, said local elder Ernesto Nghinananye.

He said the practice began late last year but has recently gotten worse.

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