Going without make-up during lockdown

By Rosalia David

HONESTLY, when lockdown was announced, many of us thought it could at least be a perfect chance to give our skin a break. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy no make-up for a few weeks and more time to sleep?

Perhaps this should be the least of my worries right now but I can’t deny the fact that I am quite concerned about fellow sisters, who are wearing make-up every day just to be on social media.

Of course, I am aware of the fact that many people battle with acne and the difficulty of dealing with it in the public eye where cyberbullies are rife, but what we want to see during this time is the real you.

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How about practicing self-care during this downtime?

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I am obviously not a skin expert, but I think keeping away from make-up during the lockdown is a trend we all should follow to allow the skin to breathe from all those layers of foundation.

Surely, we would all be glowing and dewy by the end of the lockdown period if we consider making it a habit to live without make-up for now.

I think it would be exciting to see some of our ‘slay queens’ who hardly leave the house without make-up without it for a chance, we know it is not easy but try it. People in general and your fans might just prefer you without extended eyelashes.

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With so much time on our hands, doing research and using YouTube to find home remedies to keep the skin radiant is one bit of advice I can give.

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Celebrities across the globe are trying it out, showing off their enviable complexions through sharing their bare-faced selfies on social media.

My point is not to bash those who prefer to wear make up 24/7, no, but to share an opinion on how many can make use of this time to practice being comfortable with how they look. I mean, who cares about make-up at a time like this? Don’t we have much more important things to worry about?