Gold miner discovers Kranzberg fault zone

By Business Reporter

ANTLER Gold Inc. has delineated a previously unrecognized significant fault zone now named the Kranzberg fault zone.

This fault zone, oriented WSW-ENE, is parallel to and shares many similarities to the Karibib Fault Zone which hosts Osino’s Twin Hills Project.

The associated Kranzberg Gold Trend stretches across Antler’s Central Project from the Kranzberg Dome, in the southwest, through Antler’s EPL 6162, 7261 (under option) and 7854 (under application) and around Antler’s Etiro Dome property (EPL 6550 under option) in the northeast. In total, Antler holds approximately 20 km of strike length along this gold trend.

The Kranzberg Gold Trend contains a number of historical smaller scale mines and prospects including Onguati, Brown Mountain and Western Workings (all previously worked during the 1950’s and 1960’s).
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Dan Whittaker, President and CEO of Antler commented, “We’re pleased to have worked with RES on the discovery of the Kranzberg fault zone and its associated gold trend. The recognition of this fault zone adds an essential element necessary for the formation of orogenic gold deposits – namely a fluid conduit – and lends new significance to the historic exploration results. We expect our on-going compilation, digitization and reinterpretation of three decades of historical data taking into account the Kranzberg fault zone to provide several additional targets at various phases of exploration.

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As a result, we are currently planning our next phase of work which we intend to include drilling on both the Central and Western Projects.”

In addition, a number of significant gold in soil and gold in rock anomalies have been historically defined. These gold anomalies are located along the Kranzberg fault zone within Antler’s EPLs 7261, 6162 and 6550 and contain gold in soil assays of up to 7000 ppb gold and gold in rock assays of up to 80 g/t gold, all against a background of less than 5 ppb gold.
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The Kranzberg fault zone is a series of ENE and NNE trending thrusts and faults that can be traced for over 50 km and may have developed by reactivation of the larger Omaruru, Onguati and Abbabis Lineaments during the transpressional D3/D4 Damaran deformation.

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Structures associated with the D3 / D4 event have been shown to be important conduits for hydrothermal fluids and highly prospective for gold mineralisation, as demonstrated by the Navachab Gold Mine and Osino’s Twin Hills Project.

The Kranzberg gold trend is located in the saddle region of a moderate-to-gently inclined doubly plunging anticline with associated large-scale, deep penetrating, crustal structures of the Kranzberg fault zone. Interpretation and delineation of this fault zone was only made possible by Antler’s geophysicists through reprocessing of the Government regional aeromagnetic data taking cognisance of the negative impact of magnetic attenuation due to increased survey ground clearance required over the Erongo Mountains in the north of the central project.

The Erongo Mountains are a post- Karoo aged volcanic caldera that tower 1,000 meters above the flatter plains of the central project.

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Downward continuing and reprocessing the data to mitigate the impact of non-ideal survey heights in conjunction with the initial field visit has resulted in the identification of this previously unrecognized but significant Kranzberg Fault Zone.

Antler Gold Inc. is a Canadian company, focused on the acquisition and exploration of gold projects in Namibia.