Government to renovate Oshakati Independence Stadium

It is no secret that the Oshakati Independence Stadium needs to be in a better state to host domestic sports events such as football and athletics due to dead grass on the football pitch and a track and field that ultimately fails to meet basic standards for safety and competition.

As a result, the track and field at Oshakati are in such poor condition that it puts athletes’ safety at a real disadvantage, although the stadium continues to host athletic events. It hosted some competitions a few months ago as a qualifier for the National Championships held in Windhoek in April.

The football pitch, on the other hand, continues to host matches despite the dead grass on the pitch. A few weeks ago, the stadium hosted the country’s top domestic football competition, the PSBET/Namibia Football Association (NFA) Cup.
Currently, the Oshakati Stadium is the only stadium in the entire northern region with a better sports field than the rest of the northern towns, including the northeast regions that comprise the two Kavango Regions, West and East, and the Zambezi Region.

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