Governor cautions residents amid heavy rains

By Tracy Tafirenyika

AT least 15 families from the Zambezi region were adversely affected by the heavy rain that has been recently occurring in traditionally dry areas in the region.

This was revealed by Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu who told Confidente that parents should be careful during this time of heavy floods and especially now that children are back at school.

“I want to caution our people as floods are coming so heavily and learners have started with school. Parents in the most affected areas should escort their children to school. We don’t want to lose any lives. Most of these kids go to school with canoes and these floods might be dangerous to them.

“You never know when the heavy floods are coming. Those with livestock should move to higher ground and farmers should always be careful. What we have seen now is that there are crocodiles and hippos in the rivers and it is now dangerous especially for the learners.”

Sampofu furthermore explained that his office had managed to help residents in most of the affected areas with seed so that they can plant on higher ground.

“We have flood areas along the Chobe, Linyanti, Kwando and the Zambezi River. When floods came this year early they destroyed most of the crops, in Sangwali farmers were affected.

“Our office is going to provide seed to the farmers who have been affected by these floods.”