Govt improves living conditions of Zambezi officers

• By Confidente Reporter

THE Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Dr Albert Kawana together with the police chief, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga handed over eight flats to the police officers in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region.

Sanzila Court will mainly accommodate officers who are married. It consists of seven three-bedroom flats and one two-bedroom flat; each with an open–plan kitchen and parking bay; as well as a guard room and caretaker unit for the complex.

Speaking at the handover event Kawana stated that the government is determined to ensure that police officers work under a conducive environment.

“It is a given fact that a properly equipped police force can deliver better services to its community. Therefore, the procurement of these facilities speaks volumes about the government’s determination in ensuring that our police force works under conducive environment. I can therefore assure you of our government’s commitment to improving the living conditions of our police force. In this manner the force will be motivated to improve service delivery to our nation, thereby promoting peace and stability in our country.

“Given the limited resources at our disposal, it is important to adopt a strict system of care and maintenance of our facilities. I therefore appeal to all men and women in uniform who will be making use of these facilities to take care of them by jealously safeguarding them against vandalism and misuse,” he stated.

Kawana furthermore appealed to the community of Zambezi to continue supporting the work of the law enforcement agencies in the region in order to effectively combat crime.

“The much needed cooperation will create a safer environment for all residents of the region and thereby promoting much needed investment which will in turn promote economic growth and employment opportunities especially to our youth and women who are most affected by unemployment,” he stated.

At the same event, Ndeitunga called on police officers to take care of the accommodation that the government had provided them.

“I must express my concern that some members accommodated in government quarters are not taking good care of such facilities, leading to fast dilapidation. I would like to urge all officers that would be accommodated here to take good care of these facilities. This will enable us to utilise the facilities for a very long time and even for the generations to come to make use of them and will be proud of you as their predecessors,” he said.