Govt rolls out food programme for marginalised community


UP to 6000 members from the San community in the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Omusati Regions received the government’s second food consignment of the year.

Food products such as maize meal, soya meal, salt, sugar, cooking oil, cowpeas, beans, tinned fish, instant porridge, and corned beef were distributed to members of disadvantaged communities who are registered with the directorate of marginalised communities, which falls under the same ministry.

The San community in the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Oshana Regions and the Ovatjimba and Ovatue communities in the Omusati Region fall under marginalised communities and receive food items every three months.

This new development was confirmed to Confidente by government spokespersons in the regions.

“Through our office that deals with marginalised communities in our region and with support from our constituency offices throughout the region, we concluded with the food distribution programme in the whole region on June 4,” Oshikoto Senior Public Relations Officer, Petrus Nehale informed the publication this week.

According to Nehale, all registered members of the marginalised community received food.

“If there are people from this community who did not benefit, they are either not registered with the ministry or are new in the region,” he added.

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