Govt, Uukwambi clash over prime land

• By Marx Itamalo and Rosalia David

GOVERNMENT and the Uukwambi Traditional Authority (UTA) are at loggerheads over prime land in Oshakati circuit after the traditional authority put brakes on a development project by the Ministry of Education claiming the land belonged to them.

The land currently houses a plethora of SME businesses that pay monthly rentals to the traditional authority.

Sources close to the matter who spoke to Confidente this week highlighted that a contractor who was hired by the ministry to develop the land was chased away by the UTA which feared an end to its rental cash cow.

“It seems that there is a clash in the interpretation of the land laws pre and post-independence and this has made the authority to refuse to let the piece of land. People are operating from a small office while there are documents that prove that the land belongs to the education ministry but he refused to let it go because there are already his people renting salons and shops there,” further noted the source.


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