Govt’s new model to eliminate shacks

By Kaipaherue Kandjii

The urban development minister says no shacks will be built on serviced plots in all towns as part of a new project.

The plan, which aims to provide housing for low-income earners, comes after the government requested various local and village authorities submit lists of virgin land that is feasible for service in an effort to curb the spiralling housing backlog, which grows by 4,000 units year on year.

The beneficiaries will be required to build their own houses in phases, with the strict exception of makeshift structures, including shacks.

In fact, the ambitious plan appears to be gaining progress if the new 2023/24 financial budget of MURD is anything to go by, considering the whopping N$297 million purse reserved for “massive land servicing” for towns and villages across all 14 regions.

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