Grootfontein in N$2M legal fight with CEO


ALLEGATIONS have surfaced in the Municipality of Grootfontein that the town has allegedly spent about N$2 million in legal fees fighting their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kisco Sinvula, who is on suspension for alleged misconduct.

According to the Management Committee Chairperson (MCC), Elizabeth Kastoor, Simvula has been dodging court hearings which has now made the municipality use a lot of money in fighting him.

“He has been running away from the hearing a lot of times and he has been avoiding the court and the municipality has been paying those namibia.


legal costs, but last month the court took a decision to stop his salary so now he was not paid and he does not have any other choice but to attend the hearing next week,” Kastoor said.

The hearing of Simvula will take place on the 10th of this month.

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In March this year, management committee chairperson, Elizabeth Kastoor, moved a motion to get Sinvula suspended over allegations of serious misconduct.

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These allegations range from insubordination, abuse of power, violation of the Local Authorities Act of 1992, violation of the Procurement Act, corruption, forgery, misleading and misrepresentation of facts, negligent trading, utterances, and violations of labour law, racketeering and the misuse of public funds.

At the time, Urban and Rural Development Minister, Erastus Uutoni, ruled the suspension of Sinvula was not done in accordance with proper procedures, and directed the council to follow regulations in suspending the CEO.

A source that prefers to remain anonymous due to victimization told Confidente that, it was indeed true that the municipality had spent N million in legal fees fighting the CEO.

“Last month they decided to cut his salary because he has been running away from court

hearings and giving excuses to the court which is now making the municipality to folk millions of dollars on his legal battle only.

The municipality has so far spent about N$2 million which is a lot of money that could have been used to improve the town. The whole focus is just now on fighting the CEO and there hasn’t been any progress since that issue started.

It is high time that the court should put an end to this case,” the source stated.