Grootfontein mogul threatens governor

• By Hilary Mare

PROPERTY developer and owner of Tulaing Properties Limited in Grootfontein, Josef Andreas has threatened Otjozondjupa governor, James Uerikua with a defamation lawsuit of N$500 000 if he does not apologise for ‘untrue’ utterances he made against him, Confidente has learnt.

Andreas’ lawyers, Henry Shimutwikeni and Co Inc who have already made contact with Uerikua highlight that these utterances were made around the 27th of November at Peace Garden Lodge, near Grootfontein.

“You made utterances relating to our client to third parties other than our client that our client has the entire District Executive Committee of the Swapo party, Grootfontein district on his “payroll”, our client has the regional coordinator of the Otjozondjupa region on his “payroll”, certain national leaders of the Swapo party are business partners of our client and our client has an insincere interest in the processes of the Swapo party in the Otjozondjupa Region, which interest is aimed according to your utterances at unduly influencing processes of the Municipal Council of Grootfontein for the benefit of our clients’ businesses,” a legal letter send to Uerikua reads in part adding, “these utterances were defamatory, in that they are untrue, compromise the dignity of our client and that they portray our client as being, dishonourable, unscrupulous, and unprincipled.”



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