Guardians abuse Govt grants to get loans

• By Kaipaherue Kandjii

A senior community liaison officer in the gender ministry, Daniel Trump, says PostFin, a Nampost subsidiary, is secretly issuing loans to social grant beneficiaries despite a moratorium.

According to Trump, a ban on issuing letters to grant earners in 2019 was imposed to deter them from obtaining loans.
PostFin, he claims, is using a new “loophole” that is unbeknown to them.
Trump, who is based in Opuwo, says he is perplexed that PostFin is yet again issuing loans despite a ban on letters, which they require to obtain the money.

Just recently, he says a school child with a disability in Opuwo dragged his sister to Nampost to find out why his grant was lesser than what he usually received.
The sister, a caretaker, receives the grant from the Nampost office at Opuwo on behalf of the boy.

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