Guide to being an effective Christian

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN author Ndahafa Mutongolume recently released her first book titled ‘The Effective Christian Life’ which she described as ‘a book dedicated to all children of God who want to establish a relationship with God’.

Speaking to Confidente about her book, Mutongolume said ‘Effective Christian’ is also suitable for those who wish to establish a solid foundation of faith as it discusses about the power of God’s word in our lives.

“It especially pinpoints the positive effects of God in our personal lives through the knowledge of God’s word. It further teaches the principles and good practice upon which one can build an effective Christian life,” she explained.

She said what inspired her to write a Christian book was the fact that the world is filled with a lot of people who are not living according to God’s purpose adding that as a result their Christianity is not on the right footing.

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“Because of that I wanted to tell the children of God how to live an effective Christian life.

Asked on how long she took to write a book of that nature, Mutongolume said she wrote it for three months as she had to take her time to perfect the manuscript, adding that writing such a book was not a walk.

“The sleepless nights was one of my challenges but my heart had to release the book early so that people can tap into the divine revelation that God gave me,” she added.

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Mutongolume went on to say that all she wishes for is the book to have a huge impact and educate on the knowledge of God so that people can live according to his ordinances, precepts and commandments.

The book is currently available in bookshops, and Mutongolume said it had been received well however sales were affected by the pandemic.

She said, “So far I am targeting the local market but a lot of people are demanding for the book to be translated into local languages which is in the pipeline. For now it is only available in English. At the moment I am trying to get the book into all local bookshops.”

With her passion for writing growing, Mutongolume revealed that she has plans to release volume two of the book that will likely be launched next year July.