Gym business booming after Covid lockdowns

• By Staff Reporter

SERVICE businesses in Namibia, were adversely affected by the lockdown measures imposed to curb the spread of the Covid -19 pandemic.

Many service businesses  lost revenues and retrenched some workers. Those lucky enough to keep their jobs, had to make do with painful salary cuts.

However, for some service companies, business is now on the upturn.

One such company is the Body Tech Gymn at the Baines Shopping Centre in Windhoek. The owner, Tian Loubser, is buoyant. He told Confidente that the client numbers have picked up.

“The business is doing well. The statistics look promising. New signings per month are now averaging 55 compared to 30 last year.” Loubser said.

He attributed the surge in the usage of facilities to the realisation by the public that keeping fit boosts immunity against the Corona virus.

Loubser described the measures that give his company a competitive advantage,
“ We offer personal training sessions for free to our new clients. We also offer a full body analysis machine which is used to assess the clients’ progress as often as they need to. Our competitors don’t even know what that is about.”

Loubser added,”We do body transformation challenges whereby clients compete for 3 months to have the best body change. The winner gets full year free membership and the runner up 6 months free membership.”

Also, as part of its marketing strategy, Body Tech holds body building competitions.

Dian Leff, a trainer at Body Tech, told Confidente, “The training is rigorous and demanding. Initially, the members   are enthusiastic, but with the passage of time, they lose motivation. As a trainer, it is my responsibility to motivate them. Verbal positivity is very important.”

Leff added, “Members do resistance training and  cardio-vascular training in the gymn.“We, as trainers, strive to assist clients as much as possible and keep it very professional within the gymn.”

Satisfied clients of Body Tech also spoke to Confidente.

Dalton Klein, whose house is a walking distance away from the gymn, said, ’”It’s convenient for me in terms of accessibility.

“Staying fit is part and parcel of a healthy life style. I like the equipment at Body Tech. It’s decent.  They have everything you need,” Klein said.

Jessica Timoteus, who works for an Audit firm, said, “I signed up with Body Tech Gym as I would like to reach my weight goal as well as take care of my mental well –being. Physical fitness and mental health go hand in glove.

“I am impressed with the service as the staff is friendly and very helpful which makes the gymn atmosphere lively.”

Timoteus added that the gym has “reasonable and flexible options for signing up. They cater for people with different budgets and time-frames.”

She noted that the gymn is well taken care of and maintains a high standard of cleanliness.

Another client, Petrus Gabriel, described the service at Body Tech Gymn as excellent. “My fiancée and I have been clients for some time. We are satisfied.and recommend others to try it.”