Hacking – the lowest jab in de-campaigning methods

POLICE intervention is needed to prevent the worst Swapo-Party primary elections infighting as supporters of rival vice Presidential hopefuls are becoming desperate by the day and are employing criminal de-campaigning means such as hacking rivals’ cellphones and social media pages.

As the Swapo-Party vice Presidential hopefuls vie for positions, vicious tactics are being used to demonise and terrorise rival camps.

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Although, President Hage Geingob recently cautioned candidates to play nice and not resort to cruel means such as de-campaigning their rivals, but as the elective congress draws near, the campaign has taken the worst form.

The latest lowest of the de-campaigning jab is the hacking of Swapo-Party, vice President’s brother-in-law, Erasmus Ndaitwah’s cellphone and Facebook account where the hacker sent flirtatious and malicious messages about the rivals of Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.

In another incident, rivals against the Nandi-Ndaitwah candidature took their malicious attacks to social media to label the Vice-President as a Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) member.

This, however, has compelled the first Director General of Administration of RDP who was in charge of the membership administration data base, Libolly Haufiku to emphasise that she was never a member of RDP.

This is being done after the ruling party announced 13 golden rules that will guide campaigns ahead of the party’s elective congress slated for November.

In a first-of-its-kind rule, the ruling party will not allow its contenders to run their campaigns in public. Those contesting for the top four positions will address delegates on the same dates to be announced to level the playing field.

Another rule clearly states that the party will also not allow ‘de-campaigning’ of other candidate whether on social media or via press releases. As clearly articulated by Home Affairs Minister, Albert Kawana, transgressors will be disqualified, but, already it seems, some in the ruling party are ignoring these rules.

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As reported, these rules, if adhered to would also prohibit candidates from corruptly promising money or land to congress delegates, an offence that will result in a candidate’s withdrawal from consideration.

In the event of Erasmus, the hackers did not only use Nandi-Ndaitwah’s brother-in-law’s Facebook account to de-campaign her, but used this criminally gained opportunities to attack his personal and family life by posting nude pictures and using vulgar language to demean him.

The hackers forced Erasmus to abandon his 20-year old MTC telephone number because the hackers continue to impersonate him with disparaging messages to people in his contact list.

Although the police is investigating the hacking, further damage continue to be done if action is not taken promptly both by the Swapo Party and the Police.