Haingura-Hailundwa proud owner of a real estate firm

HISTORICALLY, women have been involved in real estate almost since its inception in 1794 and its establishment as a legitimate business in the 1840s. A good example of establishing a successful real estate business is Namibia’s own Rosvitha Haingura-Hailundwa who is making a name for herself in the local industry.

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Haingura-Hailundwa (HH) sat down with Confidente’s Michael Uugwanga (MU) to speak about her role in real estate.

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(MU): Can you briefly introduce yourself to us and share with us what your job entails?
(HH): I am Rosvitha Haingura-Hailundwa. The name of my real estate company is Haingura Real Estate and we sell houses.

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The company is based in Rundu.

(MU): What made you venture into the field of real estate?
(HH): I had a dream when I was still working in government. It all started when I saw some ladies selling houses but at that time I already had a business, so I started doing research on real estate and got interested in it and I ended up developing love for the industry.

(MU): What are some of the challenges you have faced?
(HH): One of the biggest challenges is the processing of clients’ application forms with banks as some banks are very slow in processing applications, but now it is getting better with some banks. Another challenge is when clients keep on asking how far we are with their documents.

(MU): Do you think the sector is going to find its feet again?

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(HH): Yes, I do think so that it will find its feet again as you know that the past year was a very bad year for the country due to Covid-19 pandemic.

(MU): What are the pros and cons of pursuing a career as a real estate?
(HH): You just have to believe in yourself and be patient in whatever you do. Be persistent in what you are doing. Love what you do and be hard-working.

(MU): How do you balance work and family time?

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(HH): You must just know your time. You need to make space for yourself and for your family. Be organised. Do one thing at a time.

(MU): In your view what is the quality of real estate in Namibia in comparison to that in other parts of the world?
(HH): I do think that there is a big difference as I have learnt through reading newspapers, internet and magazines. The difference is house prices as houses prices vary from country to country.

(MU): What inspires you to keep working the real estate space?

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(HH): The banks normally award us. For example last year I was awarded by First National Bank (FNB) and by Bank Windhoek. I was awarded by FNB Namibia as the top agent and as a result I received a trip. This is really inspiring. The awards also help other agents to work harder because there is a reward in place.
I just want to add that being in real estate has really taught me a lot.