Hair exhibition calls for gender equality

• By Martha Nangombe

A woman’s hair is her pride and her looks are mostly centred on how her hair looks, either bald, plaited, natural or with extensions

No woman wants to be left behind the latest hair trends and this is why many flocked in their numbers, to catch a glimpse of the latest hair trends at the recently held Fatima Artistic hair Exhibition.

Held under the theme, ‘Celebrating and honouring Africa,’ the second edition of the Fatima Artistic Hair Exhibition held on Saturday prioritised fighting for the rights of woman of all backgrounds and creating unity in Africa.

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The event focused on telling African stories through hair styles.

The exhibition featured women from different communities, background, shapes and sizes.

Founder of Artistic hair exhibition said the exhibition was intended to create awareness and fight for the rights of woman.

“This year’s event catered for women of colour and was centred on celebrating their hair, beauty and roots”, Baleka explained.

“It is not just a brand but a club for black women where friendships, sisterhoods are built and young black women are empowered”, the events founder further explained.

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“The theme for this year was about celebrating and honouring Africa, in terms of what ‘She’ has achieved in relation to what we create in Africa and export across the globe,” Baleka stated.

The exhibition consisted of three categories which saw models, in round one, walking with posters representing different issues that need to be tackled by society.

The second round consisted of representation of different flags, representing different African states as a sign of unity, and the last segment allowed models to showcase their different talents as a sign of unity and equality.

“The aim of the posters in round one was to fight for the rights of woman as well as educate everyone who attended the show on the importance of providing better sexual education to young girls.

“In the same segment, we incorporated albinism because it had come to our attention that woman living with the condition are not protected against cultural believes that endanger them, so we wanted to create awareness about it,” Baleka further added.

Paula Indongo who attended the event had nothing but good words to say about the event and applauded the organisers.

“I really enjoyed the event and I was entertained from the beginning to the end”, Indongo said.

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“The models really did a good job at creating a platform for people to discuss the different issues that woman are going through all around the world,” Indongo further added.

Maretha Nchindo, a model who took part in the event said, “The hair exhibition was really nice in the sense that not only was it entertaining but educational as well: at the end of the day we learned new things and gained knowledge that we can use in future.

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