Halaal Kitchen, the best in town

By Rosalia David

IF you are looking for a dining place to satisfy your taste buds as well as fulfil your hunger while feeding your body on a cellular level, Halaal Kitchen situated in Mahatma Gandhi Street in Khomasdal, Windhoek is the place to go.

Upon arrival, my colleagues and I were welcomed by a friendly Muslim lady who turned out to be the wife to the owner of the business named Mohammad Kamran and she is also the master chef behind the perfectly cooked meals we were served.

We set for almost 10 minutes before getting the food but when it eventually came, we realised that it was indeed worth the wait. Every meal we tasted was enjoyable more than any blinged-up sushi or any other fancy food could ever be.

The first meal we had to taste was something they call ‘Steak Gatsby’ a long brochen that almost looks like a ‘hot dog’ but with fries and a meaty sauce in the middle.

If you’re a foody and don’t care about gaining a few pounds this is the dish I would definitely recommend for you.

Few minutes after tasting the Gatsby, the waiter brought out two more dishes but this time around they gave us the ‘Delicious biryani’ which was rice, carrots and chilli mixed together, the meal tuned out to be my colleague’s new favourite meal.

She said it was the best rice she has ever tasted in her entire life while complementing the perfect amount of chilli in it.

Well, my favourite meal was the ‘Chicken Tikka’ that was served with mouthwatering soft fries on the side and they were super fresh.

I had almost forgotten what fries taste like until I stepped into Halaal Kitchen. I still lick my lips every time I think about this particular dish.

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Not only do they sell the ‘best fries in town,’ their prices are affordable too, ranging from N$10,00 to N$180,00.

Halaal Kitchen also sells quick meals such as chips and Russian, salads, sandwiches, samoosas, burgers and fish; and they also cater for small events.

Call them today on 061303137