Hambongo’s star shines in netball circles

• By Michael Uugwanga

PLAYING for a big team like Namibia Correctional Services (NCS) Netball Club is always a difficult ask, which comes with added pressure and responsibility for any player.

NCS shooter Elisia Hambongo is no exception, having had an outstanding debut for the team last season.

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She joined NCS this year from Rebels Netball Club, intending to restore NCS’s lost glory after losing the MTC/Namibian Netball Premier League (NNPL) against Mighty Gunners Netball Club the previous year.

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Her presence for NCS did not go unnoticed, as she was at the height of her game alongside famed shooter and partner Lyn’ Foxy’ Pura. Together, the pair was simply unstoppable, assisting the club in reclaiming the MTC/NNPL title.

Pura had another fantastic collaboration with Louise ‘Dreamy’ Kausehue in 2021 when they won the first edition of the MTC/NNPL before Kausehue went to Gunners this year, unaware that she had a significant replacement.
However, a transfer rumour has it that Kausehue may be on her way back to NCS next season, implying that the three shooters will face considerable competition.

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“It feels great to be a part of NCS because everyone works so hard during training, and it pays off, which is why we won the league. Moving to a big club like NCS was not simple, but one must work hard, be calm, and heed the coach’s instructions to succeed. The club needed to reclaim the league championship. I am overjoyed to have joined NCS and helped them win the championship.