Haneb’s new album is ‘Unstoppable’

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN Gospel artist Vilho Haneb, professionally known as V-LO, has released his second album, titled ‘Unstoppable Vol 2’, which he produced, mixed and mastered himself. He says the inspiration behind the album title comes from his belief in Jesus Christ, which makes him ‘Unstoppable’.

“What makes this album special is the positive message behind it and the unique sounds I have managed to put together myself to bring out the best,” he said.

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V-LO, who has been in the music industry since 2005, has in the past produced music for artists such as PDK, Tate Buti, Nakale ya Nakale, Teqla, D-Naff, Shitana, Kuku Nkandanga, VM, Waka, Levite, Swartbaster and many others.

On the Unstoppable Vol2 album, he worked with talented musicians, such as Dee’A, Levite, Best Shambo artist LT Shitana, Savita Joshua, Tyna, male singer Sacky Nghuulikwa, Daniel, including female vocalists Ndapewa and Nduva.

He says the album is unique and special as it carries a positive message that can touch the hearts of many. “There is a good message behind it and the unique sounds, plus I produced it myself.

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My favourite song on this album is track two in Oshiwambo ‘Eeno Otandiya’, which translates to ‘Yes [Lord], I’m coming [to follow you],” he explained.

Being in the industry for almost a decade, the 36-year-old muso released his first album titled ‘Ungrateful’ a few years back. “After three years, I finally decided to release my second album because it was too long for my fans to wait and I also wanted to keep my name up,” he said.

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Touching on the topic of Gospel music and its popularity in Namibia, he said the genre has improved with more gospel artists coming out of their shells. “I would say that the world is really changing and more are listening to Gospel now. The same way Gospel artists have gotten comfortable with getting a godly message out there. So, yes the Gospel genre is surely getting the necessary attention in Namibia.

In conclusion, he encouraged Gospel music fans to purchase the original album, to support Gospel musicians and to avoid piracy. “The most important information from me to my people is to encourage every Christian or any person to purchase the album and support Gospel music and avoid piracy as it has been something we as musicians have been fighting against for years,” he added.