Havana vulnerable children get necessities

By Confidente Reporter

CHILDREN remain the most vulnerable in the community, and disruptions in society such as Covid-19, unemployment or underdevelopment have a heavy impact on the wellbeing, safety and future of children.

That is why Capricorn Group in partnership with Imago Dei last week decided to give back to the community of Havana informal settlement in Windhoek, at the Prayer House of God Ministries to help orphans and vulnerable children by donating winter blankets, books, toys, candy and other necessities.

In their role as change makers, a group of volunteering employees of Capricorn Group spent time with over 70 orphans and vulnerable children at the centre, serving meals, painting the playground jungle gym, wooden doors and steel pipes.

This simple gesture sparked the interest of young minds, and soon the children also joined in the painting adventure.

Changemakers then assisted to organise their toy room and small library, decorated the building wall with hand prints of the children and, set up a jumping castle that brought forth exuberant joy.

The day was filled with laughter, conversations, and gratitude.

The project, which has been in operation for 14 years, runs an orphanage that caters for 19 orphans and vulnerable children, a pre-primary education centre and a soup kitchen that caters for over 70 children in the area.

Amongst the children living in the orphanage are disabled children who receive special care.

The plight of this community was brought to light by Imago Dei, a longstanding partner of Capricorn Group. Newly established Capricorn Foundation currently supports Imago Dei, a charity established to serve the country’s less fortunate communities through connecting the communities with corporates like Capricorn Group.

There is still much work that can be done at the Prayer House of God Ministries Children’s Centre. Basic water and hygiene facilities remain out of reach, and the centre hopes to acquire a water talk, to bring water closer to the children.

“We are proud of our employees who live by our group’s purpose of being connectors of positive change, in their role as changemakers. Centres like this offer vulnerable children a safe space and they deserve to be supported in their good work,” Marlize Horn, group executive, brand and corporate affairs said.