Have you achieved your 2019 resolutions?

Rosalia David

EVERY year, we make promises to ourselves to change an undesired trait or habit or to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve our lives but do we really stick to them?

Some do accomplish the objectives that they have set for themselves at the beginning of a new year, while a few simply sit back and relax while waiting for another year to make those empty promises to themselves once again.

With every passing year, we set up different objectives, forgetting that one already had so many unaccomplished ideas of the previous year stuck in a brief case.

Perhaps what could be different this time around is to do yourself a favour and let those past intents continue being your every year’s resolutions until you finally accomplish them, only then should you make room for ‘new promises’.

On the other hand, personally I am very glad that 2019 is finally over.

Not because I had a bad year and failed to push my goals but because we’re on the cusp of a new year once again, which means another chance for change in different aspects. But yet again I just hope we don’t find ourselves having expectations, that the coming year really will be better.

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All we can strongly hope for is a better economic situation because I believe that some dreams were shattered by the current state in the economy, oh yes!

‘Blame it on the government’, who else should be held accountable for the little revenue we are currently generating, compared to the past?

Some of us were able to complete our goals and produced things, such as a novel, but because people are cautious about how they spend their money now it affects our sales, so, who do we blame?

In any case, despite all our past personal disappointments, it has been a tough year, some lost jobs through retrenchment, which means that their plans for the year are on hold until something comes up, so we can only hope for a better change, but do we believe things really can improve economically?

Well, there is nothing much we can do but wait and see what 2020 has in store while not getting too excited about 2020 to protect our emotional state and avoid our hopes being flattened by despair over and over again.

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Not to be ungrateful, even if you don’t have anything good to say about 2019 at least it got us out of 2018 healthy and kicking, although some things clearly didn’t work out as we hoped.