Health ministry ordered to cough up

• By Hertta-Maria Amutenja 

THE Ministry of Health and Social Services has been ordered by the High Court to pay over N$1 million to !Nanseb Civil and Construction Company for breach of contract.

“He defendant (Minister of Health) shall pay the plantiff, N$ 774 230.60 exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) plus interest at a rate of 19.7 percent calculated from December 12 2018 to March 16 2020, N$303 423.49 and N$150 000,” reads the order.

!Nanseb  Civil  and  Construction launched  a lawsuit last year against the ministry for breaching their contract. The company was claiming N$4,4 million.

According to  court  documents filed at the High Court  in October 2016 the construction company and the ministry  entered into a written agreement, where  the company  would  do renovations and an upgrade at Schlip PCH Clinic in the Hardap region.



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