Heartbroken mother grieves over murdered daughter

By Tracy Tafirenyika

THE mother of 29-year-old Quinteline Bonita Eixas who was murdered and found dead at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Katutura in May cannot stomach the thought of never seeing her child again.

Maggy Eixas said her daughter had a heart of gold and was never confrontational.

Quinteline left her home on a normal day on May 22 saying she was going to visit her child in Eros and never to return.

“I am very sad about what happened to my daughter, how she was brutally murdered. l am so heartbroken. What hurts the most is the fact that she is never going to come back and l am never going to see her again. My daughter was a nice person and she did not deserve to die this way, when l think of her l remember seeing her in the mortuary with wounds all over her body.


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